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Gary Tinnes

Gary Tinnes

Monarch Beach, CA


Thank you for viewing my work. I've been doing event, live performance, travel and documentary photography since 1983. It's been my good fortune to have images published in newspaper, magazine and book formats.

In addition to a 25-year sales and marketing career covering travel throughout most of the 50 United States for a Fortune 100 company, also being married to a TWA / American Airlines flight attendant for the last 40 years has afforded great international travel opportunities to me as well. Being born into a family of professional musicians and well-known songwriters in New York City engendered a love of music performance since my earliest years. Fortuitously, my loves of music and photography were merged when a renowned saxophonist whom I met on a coast-to-coast flight invited me a few years ago to attend a performance at SOKA University of America near my Monarch Beach, California home. I met the producer and recording engineer and the general manager of this outstanding venue, and was invited to become a 'house' photographer for SOKA's Jazz Monsters Concert Series. The musicians who perform at this remarkable institution's Performing Arts Center (acoustically designed by Yasu Toyota who also designed the acoustics at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles) are among the very top echelon of the international jazz genre, and include many NEA Jazz Masters. Working with several of these accomplished jazz maestros led to invitations for some remarkable photography opportunities: working in the studio during recording sessions, sitting onstage during live performance at New York City's Village Vanguard, being on-hand during rehearsals and sound-checks, and documenting the 2013 Grand Opening of the Budapest Music Center and Opus Jazz Club in Hungary, among the most appreciated.

Another fortunate photography endorsement came as a result of my love of architectural and travel photography. A few iconographic images taken during travels to some of the great European cathedrals came to the attention of officials and benefactors at the Mission San Juan Capistrano Basilica Church. I was blessed by them to secure a contract to document the arrival and installation of a massive retablo, crafted by scores of artisans over the course of a year at Taleres Arte Granda near Madrid, Spain. That assignment resulted in THE GRAND RETABLO, a book authored by the Rev.William Krekelberg, the archivist of the chain of 21 California Missions, which features my images, published by Editions du Signe in Strasbourg, Germany. Although the hard-bound book is a relatively humble 96-pages, a personal selection of 165 images was printed in 8x12 full-frame format, bound in leather, and has become part of the Historic Archives of the California Missions System.

Digital photography has sometimes enabled what to me is 'creative enhancement' of some of these images. Hopefully, you will appreciate the results, as I appreciate the time you spend looking. Thanks again for viewing my work. GT


Plas Johnson by Gary Tinnes


Plas Johnson by Gary Tinnes


Jim Merod by Gary Tinnes


Jim Merod by Gary Tinnes


Benny Golson by Gary Tinnes


Kenny Barron, Benny Golson by Gary Tinnes


Maria Schneider by Gary Tinnes


Esperanza Spalding 4 by Gary Tinnes


Esperanza Spalding 2 by Gary Tinnes


Gerald Wilson 3 by Gary Tinnes


Tom Harrell by Gary Tinnes


Mike Garson by Gary Tinnes


Jackie Ryan at dusk by Gary Tinnes


Johnathan Blake by Gary Tinnes


Graham Dechter by Gary Tinnes


Kenny Barron 3 by Gary Tinnes


Roy McCurdy 1 by Gary Tinnes


Tamir Hendelman by Gary Tinnes


Kamasi Washington by Gary Tinnes


Karrin Allyson by Gary Tinnes


Bennie Maupin by Gary Tinnes


Anat Cohen, Nilson Matta by Gary Tinnes


Bill Cunliffe by Gary Tinnes


John Clayton by Gary Tinnes


Charles McPherson by Gary Tinnes


Smokey Robinson by Gary Tinnes


Smokey Robinson by Gary Tinnes


John and Gerald Clayton by Gary Tinnes


Village Vanguard by Gary Tinnes


Mary Stallings, Trevor Ware by Gary Tinnes


Chuck Berghoffer by Gary Tinnes


Monica Akihary by Gary Tinnes


Rickey Woodard by Gary Tinnes


Gerald Wilson, Kamasi Washington by Gary Tinnes


Tom Harrell, Joe Lovano by Gary Tinnes


Kornel Fekete-Kovac by Gary Tinnes


Jackie Ryan by Gary Tinnes


Don Little by Gary Tinnes


Putter Smith by Gary Tinnes


Grant Stewart, Kornel Fekete-Kovac by Gary Tinnes


Lee Pearson by Gary Tinnes


Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Lee Pearson by Gary Tinnes


Kornel Fekete-Kovac by Gary Tinnes


Jackie Ryan by Gary Tinnes


Ron Eschete by Gary Tinnes


Dale Fielder, Trevor Ware, Nolan Shaheed by Gary Tinnes


John Allred by Gary Tinnes


Harry Allen by Gary Tinnes